How does a non-iron shirt work?

How does a non-iron shirt work?

Non-iron shirts: a pleasure for every man who hates ironing. Ironing can be a tedious job, especially when you're in a hurry and your shirt is still wrinkled. This problem can easily be solved by non-iron shirts from Michaelis.

A non-iron shirt: what is it exactly?

An iron-free shirt is also known as the non-iron shirt. It is a shirt that, despite wearing and washing, does not need to be ironed. When you have worn an iron-free shirt and washed it, you only have to hang up the shirt and it is ready to be worn again. Due to the body heat, the fibres are pulled tight and you have a wrinkle-free shirt without ever having to use an iron again.

Wash it, hang it up and wear it with style!

How do you wash a non-iron shirt?

The best is to hang the non-iron shirt wet on a hanger after washing. The weight of the water and the shirt making it tight. Any creases that had arisen in the washing machine will disappear.

It is also important that non-iron shirts are not washed hotter than 40 degrees. Usually 30 degrees is enough. If in doubt, the label inside the shirt always tell how many degrees you can wash the shirt.

The benefits of a non-iron shirt

A non-iron shirt is the perfect shirt for many men and is therefore worn more than a "normal" shirt. Logical, because a lot less effort has to be done. But, what are the benefits of an iron-free shirt compared to a normal shirt? We have listed them for you:

• Time savings: because you don't have to iron the shirt, you have more time for other fun things. No more rushing in the mornings!

• No wrinkles when worn: even when worn, you don't have to worry about wrinkles getting into the shirt. As soon as you get up and move again, the shirt will appear smooth again.

• Longer fun: since the non-iron shirt does not crease, it does not need to be washed more often + it is not exposed to the hot temperatures of an iron. This means that the colours stay beautiful for much longer and will the shirts generally last longer than classic shirts.

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