Shirt-pullover combination
Shirt-pullover combination

A pullover in combination with a shirt is the way to show off casual chic. In addition to casual chic, this combination can also keep you warm during the cooler spring or summer evenings. But, how can you combine a shirt with a pullover best? We have listed a few tips for you to avoid the most common mistakes in this combination.

Which pullover do you wear over a shirt?

Which one you choose to wear over a shirt depends on which style you want to go for. Do you want to go for a casual look? Then choose a round neck. Are you going for a business look? Choose a (not too deep) V-neck pullover. What the extra a V-neck pullover can offer is that it can be combined with a shirt and a tie. In addition, a V-neck makes your neck optically longer, so this is a great option if you have a fuller face.

If you still have doubts about which pullover / look you want to go for. View our entire range of pullovers, made from 100% cotton. Both the round neck and the V-neck pullover have a neat appearance and can be worn at work, but also during leisure activities.

Avoid strong colour combinations

The nicest thing about the shirt-pullover combination is that you can vary with different colours. At the same time, that is also the pitfall of many men. It is important that you avoid strong colour combinations and that you apply subtle colour differences. For example, combine a light blue shirt with a dark blue pullover. White shirts go perfectly with almost any plain pullover and black combines nicely with brown coloured pullovers, such as camel or beige.

If you want to experiment with prints, make sure that one item contains a print. So either a pullover with a print or a shirt with a print. A check shirt works great under a simple / plain pullover. Conversely, a clean shirt is a good match with a plain pullover.

Get a good fit

Both the pullover and the shirt must be the right size. Even if the shirt is almost not visible under your pullover, it is still noticeable if it is a bit too big. It is therefore important that you invest in a nice shirt that fits nicely to your body, but where you still have enough freedom of movement. The perfect shirts for the shirt-pullover combination are slim-fit shirts.

Are you excited about the shirt-pullover combination? Below we have put together a combination for you to make it even easier!

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Shirt-pullover combination

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